Using Photo Sharing Websites in Your Social Media SEO Campaign

While I usually don’t put too much stock in what self-proclaimed “SEO Experts” have to say, I can’t argue this one. Leveraging Social-Media, and using Social-Media SEO strategies is already very powerful, and as the search engines continue their process of evolution, I think will only gain importance. When undergoing an SEO campaign on your website, social media should always be incorporated.Social media can be regarded as SEM (search engine marketing danielditzhazy’s los angeles online) because it allows people to find out about you and your business.

Wade and the marketing team for Deadpool.

One element of social media which sometimes overlooked is photo-sharing websites such as Flickr and Photobucket. These sites allow you to create an account and upload your pictures and images.

The importance of these photo sharing sites is that once you have added your photos you can create descriptions, titles, and keywords just like a web page on your website. The photo albums you create can be linked to your website or blog and used as a slideshow.

By creating these albums with their descriptions, titles, and keywords not only, can people view your images within these sites but they will also appear within search engine results especially image results, and this has to be right for your website.

By making the images as attractive as possible (click here), so people want to search for them and view them as this way you are increasing your chances of traffic to a website.

To get the people who see your images to your site many of the photo sharing sites allow you to add a direct link to your website from either the image itself or through your profile page on there. The secure the connection is to find the higher the levels of traffic to your site. You can then see the impact of your images by studying Google Analytics and seeing how many people linked to your site from the pictures.

Always remember to ALT tag all of your images on the website too so you get maximum exposure on image search engine results, every little bit helps with your SEO and SEM campaign.

How Social Media Marketing Fits Into All Aspects of Your Campaign

-Email marketing

Social media can be and should be easily integrated into your brand’s email marketing campaign.

-Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is experiencing massive growth rates as the number of mobile and smartphone users continues to grow at exponential rates. The growing popularity of tablet devices has also encouraged marketers to invest even more focus in this field.

QR codes have also changed the way consumers find content and pages through their mobile phones. By including QR codes in print advertisements or even posters even traditional mediums can now become interactive points of connection.

-Video marketing

Video marketing is another new medium that just effortlessly blends with social media. Video-sharing sites such as YouTube almost function like social networks in their right with user profiles commenting systems and the like. But it is first and foremost a publishing platform where brands can upload their branded videos.

-SEO and social media

In today’s information-hungry world, more and more brands are relying on being visible when their consumers search for them through major search engines such as Google. A major part of SEO is the process of link building, and social networks provide brands and publishers with an organic way to do just that.

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